Green Practices

Sustainability in Business

Social Responsibility is one of the guiding values of Branagh Information Group, Inc. (BIG). We want to be more than a technology company; we want to be a clean-technology leader.

We put as much innovation into creating sustainable practices as we do creating database solutions. We have shifted all of our operations from paper to electronic reports—and we mean all of them. Every department from product development to sales to accounting to customer service uses electronic communication and reporting instead of paper. Additionally, most employees telecommute, working from their homes, reducing commuter auto emissions.

Our main office in Northern California is powered completely by solar panels outfitted on the property. How much carbon emissions does that save? You can view BIG’s solar panel energy report to see for yourself. It feels good to be environmentally friendly.

The Ripple Effect

We try to help our customers work more sustainably, too. Many of our custom database applications run on tablet PCs that customers take with them from location to location. They have data available to view and edit, make additions and run new reports, without the need for printed paper copies.

If a customer needs to meet, our client support team is ready and waiting not only on the phone but also through web meetings. Our customers collaborate with us in real-time and any changes made to the customer’s data system are immediate. This eliminates the need for lengthy drives (and the carbon emissions they produce).

Beyond Carbon

At BIG, our employees are our greatest resource and we take work-life balance seriously. Satisfaction is an important part of making the world a better place. So our work environment fosters creativity, open and honest communication, and time set aside for feedback on all aspects of the business. We provide a full spectrum of benefits including employer-paid medical coverage. We are committed to providing an environment where people are proud to work and can achieve both personal and career goals.

No Big Surprise

Over the years, we’ve attracted great employees and kept them with us for the long haul. We’ve earned the respect, trust and loyalty of our clients. It’s obvious to us that our commitment to sustainability isn’t just good for the environment, it’s good for business.

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Green Practices